Dan Sleeth

H.king Rattler FPV

Shopping List
  • Spare rear wing
  • 600mw VTX
  • Antenna
  • Foxeer Monster V2 camera
  • 2S 750mAh Battery
  • PDB with 4 ESC pads
  • Aomway goggles

Adding FPV to a car is pretty straight forward, so long as you have room to add all the components. I am mounting all of this gear onto a spare rear wing that I bought from Hobbyking for £4.00.

FPV Wing Setup

The first step for any project like this is to position the camera for the best view. This is simple, as everything is going on the rear wing; so dead centre seems the obvious spot. To mount it in place, I just drilled some holes into the plastic wing with a Dremel and used some nylon nut and bolts to secure it in place.

I then mounted the PDB (power distribution board) on the underside of the wing, also using nylon nut and bolts. To keep things balanced, I am mounting the battery and PDB on one side and the VTX and antenna on the other.

Rattler Camera View

The camera can take up to 40v, so I have soldered it’s power wires on to two of the PDB’s ESC pads. The camera has an OSD (on screen display), which can show the battery’s voltage. To utilise this, I am soldering the VSEND wire from the camera to a different positive ESC pad on the PDB.

Note: if you want to read the main battery on the goggles instead, you could solder the VSEND wire to the positive terminal on the Rattler ESC. This would require an extra wire that is long enough to reach. You may want to add a JST connector to that wire so you can unplug it when needed.

PDB wiring

The VTX can also take a wide range of voltages, so I am also soldering it’s power wires directly to two ESC pads. The ESC pads supply the battery’s full voltage, so for my 2S lipo, this is around 7.2 volts (8v when fully charged).

To mount the VTX, I have drilled a hole the width of the SMA connector’s thread (but not the nut). This means I can stick the VTX connector through the hole from the bottom and then screw the antenna on it from the top to clamp it to the wing.

Underside of the FPV gear

The camera has a built-in microphone and the VTX is capable of sending audio, so I have soldered the audio wire from my camera (the green wire) to the white audio wire from my VTX. My goggles have a headphone jack, so I can hear the feed from the camera, live. The goggles also have a DVR to record the video and audio feed to an SD card.

Lastly, I strapped the battery to the wing (using velcro and a battery strap) and then soldered a plug onto the BAT pads on the ESC.

Future Mods

The PDB has a 5v and 12v output, which is ideal for adding LEDs or buzzers. I am using a 2S Lipo (7.2v) – so I doubt I will use the 12v output – but I am tempted to buy some rally lights for night driving.

I’d also like to add a 2-way radio to the car, so I can talk to people. I am not sure what the best way to do that is, so I will be researching that now!

Also, THIS THREAD has details of compatible parts from other brands!

Previous Version

I originally carried out this mod using a cheaper 800TVL camera. That camera needed a 5v feed, had no OSD and no microphone. The quality was also pretty poor. Video from that camera setup is below.

Original H.King Rattler FPV setup

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