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DIY 18650 Charger

Shopping List
  • TP4056 5v 1A Charging Board (pack of 10) £2.04
  • 18650 Parallel 3 Cell Holder (pack of 3) £2.86
  • Wire £1
  • Heat Shrink £1
  • B6 Charger (or similar)

Total £7.00 + Charger

Basic Principle

The 3 holders will sit next to each other, offering a total of 9 cell bays. Each bay will have its own TP4056 board to charge the cell. All 9 TP4056 boards will be connected in parallel to a charger.

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Ensure the holders you buy do not connect the cells in series. Each cell should have an isolated anode and cathode pad.

Read the current going to each board and adjust the output of the charger accordingly. The boards are limited to 1A each.

The boards are connected in parallel. A USB cable plugged into one of the boards should power all of the boards. This results in all of the cells charging from your USB power source, so ensure it can supply a enough Amps to charge them in a practical time!

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